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Mr. Dyer is an attorney well-versed in many specialized areas of the oil and gas industry. His understanding of the oil and gas industry is based on many years of personal experience and actual involvement, which allows The Law Firm of Blaine M. Dyer, P.L.L.C. to help clients with a wide variety of needs.

Services Include: 

For Oil & Gas Industry

  • Original Drilling Title Opinions
  • Division Order Title Opinions
  • Title Curative
  • Assignments, Bill of Sale
  • Acquisition and Sale Agreements
  • Gas Contracts/ Gas Balancing Agreements
  • Pipeline Easements
  • Joint Operating Agreements
  • Farmout Agreements
  • Pooling Agreements

For Royalty & Mineral Owners

  • Oil and Gas Lease Review and Negotiation
  • Ratifications and Amendments
  • Rights of Royalty and Mineral Owners
  • Title Research
  • Titles and Conveyances
  • Division Orders

Oil and Gas Litigation

  • Failure to Develop the Leased Premises
  • Failure to Protect the Leased Premises against Drainage
  • Failure to Manage and Administer the Lease Property
  • Lease Termination
  • Royalty Underpayments
  • Surface Damages
  • Pooling Disputes
  • Pipeline Easements
  • Adverse Possession
  • Quiet Title


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